Trained as a classical ballerina in my youth, studying with a top ballet school in my teens, and teaching ballet into my early 20s, my days have always revolved around movement. When it was happening, how I’d dress to support the particular activities, what I needed to eat to fuel my body for the busy days on my feet; I thrived off the beauty and structure I found in the movement. 

Movement has always been an integral part of my life 

In my mid 20s, my passion became running, using the Chicago lakefront and city streets as my guide.

In my 30s, I went back to my ballet roots, becoming certified as a barre instructor. Falling in love with the emphasis on form and controlled movement, I taught barre classes in Chicago and a Northern suburb of the city.

After having my third child, I began my journey with resistance training and high intensity interval training. I became certified in group fitness and personal training and quickly came to appreciate the importance of fundamental movements to build a strong body.

For ten years, I taught sold out classes and quickly became a favorite group fitness instructor on Chicago’s North Shore.

Now in my 40s, my focus has shifted to movement longevity. Movement not only makes me feel stronger in body, but also in mind - something I plan to continue for years to come. I created MOVE to do just that. A beautiful blend of all of my favorite moves with a strong emphasis on form.

Join me and let’s MOVE.