MOVE is a flow-based strength workout that incorporates slow and controlled fundamental movements that fatigue the muscle and a mix of high and low impact cardio to elevate the heart rate, all while keeping a strong focus on form. 

A classically-trained ballerina, I’ve always found such beauty in sculpted lines. Moving with me, you’ll quickly come to find that form and foundation are the keys to effective exercise. In my method of movement, we’ll put a mental focus on the basic fundamentals, ensuring that you’re engaging the correct muscles so that every rep and every step we take together leaves you feeling empowered and confident. 

The moment you find your balance in exercise is the moment your body begins to make changes. I’m here to help you find your balance between cardio and sculpting; leaving you feeling mentally and physically fulfilled. 

meet jill

Wherever you are in the world or in your fitness journey, MOVE is for you. Questions? 

move with me


You could be in a class of 20 participants or in a semi-private class of 4 and you will still feel the same 'Jill love.' I am now 43 years old and in the best shape of my life, all because of Jill.

Along with exercise Jill brings an energy of empowerment, determination, and focus. Just being in her presence makes you want to work harder than you have ever worked.